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2021 Regular Season and 2020 Playoff and Championship Videos
Octavio Rodriguez of the A’s channels Manny Ramirez
Octavio leads the team on to the field after becoming a US citizen.
Octavio Rodriguez of the A’s receives team gift
The A’s present Octavio Rodriguez with a personalized flag with his date of citizenship and signed by the team to celebrate his becoming a US Citizen
Bruce Brown triples to drive in Clermont
Bruce Brown of the Yankees crushes a triple to deep CF at Ferullo off of the Braves' Dan Lewis.
Astros walkoff win Week 1
Matt Bucci scores game winning run on a wild pitch!
Joe Weidenbach’s warning track 2B brings home Brown
Joe Weidenbach of the Yankees doubles home Bruce Brown off of a pitch from the Braves' Justin Deflumeri.
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Mike Doherty seals CG win over the Cardinals
Mike Doherty pitches a complete game victory, 8-4 over the Cardinals, getting Mike Steffany to fly out to Lou Cobuccio in RF to end the game.
Rich Gottesman double plates 2
Rich Gottesman hits a deep double in the bottom of the 7th at Leland Park to score 2 for the Orioles.
Justin Martell K’s Rodriguez
Cardinals pitcher Justin Martell strikes out Athletics’ batter Octavio Rodriguez.
Chris Bleau RBI single for O’s first run
Chris Bleau's single brings home Rob Guarino in the bottom of the first.
Nestor Perez scores from 2B on a rundown
Nestor Perez of the Brewers advanced to 3B on the pickle play and eventually scores the first run in the 1st inning.
Jason Riley RBI single brings Brewers back in the 9th
Jason Riley singles to tie the game 6-6 in the 9th after the Brewers were down by 5 runs in the 1st inning.
Shaun Trainor leadoff triple starts winning Brewers rally in the 9th
Shaun Trainor triples to lead off the 9th inning and scores the tying run in a comeback win.
Jeff Allison triple starts comeback rally for Brewers
Jeff Allison triples to lead off the 7th inning where the Brewers scored 3 times to come within a run of the Pirates.
Red Sox win 2020 OTB Championship!
The Red Sox won a dramatic come from behind 13-12 victory with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th inning to win the franchise's 3rd championship.
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