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Register here to get OTB and Night OTB game updates sent to your mobile phone as soon as they become available. You’ll get notified immediately of field changes and game cancellations. OTB notices, when they occur, get sent out at 6:45 AM on Sunday mornings. Standard messaging rates apply.

Additionally, in the event that either current field or forecasted weather status make the conditions for playing uncertain, the league will institute a Rain Delay. The league will be notified no later than 6:45 AM. Once invoked, game start times would be shifted to 9:45 AM. During the intervening time, both teams would be responsible to attempt to render the fields playable by both OTB and umpire standards. If by 8:15 AM all parties agree that fields are unplayable, the game shall be rained out. Both teams and the umpire crew should work together to determine field safety and playability. Once the ground rules have been reviewed, the responsibility rests solely with the umpires.

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