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Wed Sep 20
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2023 Regular Season and Prior Year Playoff and Championship Videos
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NOTB 2023 Champion Dodgers
The Dodgers beat the Cubs in a wild come from behind victory, 29-15 on September 20th, after being down 0-6, 1-9, 3-11, and 4-12. Chris Adams and his Dodger teammates give the water bucket celebration for longtime Dodger manager, Pete Schiller
Back row (L-R): George Skourides, Erik Arnold, Jon Smithers, Chris Adams, Chad Merritt, Ed Banks
Front row (L-R): Joe Krieger, Chris Klinger, Manager Pete Schiller, Cory Rencricca, Brendan O'Connell, Jason Tevepaugh, Jay Clermont
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OTB 2024 Registration
Registration is open for the 2024 baseball season! The Returning Player Fee is $240 until the deadline on March 3, 2024. After that the fee is $260 until our hard deadline on March 17, 2024. The New Player Fee is $180, however openings are based on first come first served so the sooner you register the better chance you have to be included in our annual player draft on March 24. Click here for more details.
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A letter to Chris Augeri from John Gianino

Dear Chris,
The Award at our banquet this year, given in your honor for now and into the future, is emblematic of who you are to this league. The Award includes the words “Most Valuable Player.” This is who you are ... Read the full letter
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OTB Professional Photos
Check out PixPro Photo's site with pics from 2020-2022, including the 2023 Finals
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Rest In Peace, Doc Davis

From Ian Davis, OTB Orioles:
J. David Davis, aka “Doc Davis Sr.” June 3, 1933-December 10, 2023. At 8:27pm, he got the call up to the big leagues and took his last breath while I held his hand. He will be joining his beloved wife (and our mom), Jean, his older brother Symond, and his parents and many of his old friends. From 7:30pm to 8:15pm, I re-read him all of the well wishes from all of you, and I told him how much we all loved him. The last words he heard on this earth were all of yours, and I’m eternally grateful he got to hear last week and again tonight what an impact he made on everyone.
Much love to all of you,
Doc Davis Jr.
P.S. the current plan is for a memorial service in the morning of Tuesday, April 9th, Red Sox opening day. He’d love that.
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Team pictures needed
OTB and NOTB players, friends, families: We need your help! If your team does not have a team picture, please bring your digital cameras, smart phones, anything that can take a picture. Please send photos in email in actual or full size to webmaster@otbinc.com
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We need your videos!
If you have any video clips of your game action, you can upload them using this Google form. You must have a Gmail account. If unable, email videos to otbwebmaster@gmail.com. Do your best to trim videos to 30 seconds or less. If you are unable to, we can do that for you.
OTB Dodgers champs again Congratulations to the OTB Dodgers for beating the Giants 4-3 in 12 innings!
NOTB Dodgers champs, too The NOTB Dodgers beat the Cubs in a wild come from behind victory, 29-15!
OTB members in the community OTB players Jack O'Neill of the Red Sox and Tim Sullivan of the White Sox are featured in this NESN video teaching boxing and working with the Lowell kids at the gym.
NOTB Team Timeline Check out a timeline of 19 years of NOTB teams from 2004-2022.
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