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 Manager: Kevin CramptonAssistant Manager: Dave Donahue

2001 Tigers team picture
Back: Brian Anderson, John Mazur, Matt Burke, Drew Harmer, Bill Keefe, Dan McNamara
Front: Gerry Jeromski, Warren Feller, Kevin Crampton,
Tom Lacaillaide, Dave Donahue, Keith Stone, Darby Ciavardone
Inset: Evan Schapiro and Craig Ramos

Tigers 2001 Team Roster

11Warren Feller
21Bill Keefe
33Craig Ramos
23Keith Stone
6Matt Burke
19Dan McNamara
24Brian Anderson
20Dave Donahue
99Drew Harmer
42Gerry Jeromski
1Tom Lacaillade
5Evan Schapiro
9Darby Ciavardone
8Kevin Crampton
34Jon Mazur

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