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 Manager: Ken FreitasAssistant Manager: Mike Fratus

2004 Dodgers team picture
2004 Dodgers Team

Back Row (L-R): Shaun Jones, Brian Miner, Ken Freitas, Jim Furtado, Kevin Furtado, Ken Foley, Dave Fitzgerald, Paul Morales, Jack Muse
Middle Row (L-R): Mike Laroe, Dan Ruggiero, Russell Jay, Dick Daigle, Scott Oppenheim, Mike Gettings
Front Row (L-R): Batboys Kenney Foley and DJ Ruggiero

Dodgers 2004 Team Roster

35Dave Fitzgerald
4Ken Foley
8Mike Fratus
27Norm Gaudet
15Paul Morales
21Dan Ruggiero
12Dick Daigle
10Dave Foley
5Ken Freitas
9Kevin Furtado
48Jim Furtado
42Russell Jay
3Shaun Jones
7Mike Laroe
13Jack Muse
1Steve Boyd
17Mike Gettings
1Tim McGuane
18Brian Miner
6Scott Oppenheim
13Anthony Vozzella
11Tim Williams

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