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Giants vs. Brewers at Shedd
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Giants Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Garthe, Ricky (W)(7-0)9631090
Brewers Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Allison, Jeff (L)(5-2)89621120
Trainor, Shaun1266201

Giants Offense Highlights

 Matthew Savage - Big Day for Matt. 4-4. Triple 2 RBI’s and a stolen base. **** Ricky Garthe 2-3 2 rbi, 2 sb, HBP
 Mike Correa - 2-4, hit a laser 2 run HR **** Dave Short 2-4, 2 Rbi.
 Chris McKiel - Double and 2 stolen bases. **** Todd Surrette and Taylor Leather with one hit each.
 Mike Watson - Big lead off hit in the 4th to ignite a 5 run inning. **** Dave Correa with productive outs knocking in 2 runs.

Brewers Offense Highlights

 Shaun Trainor - 2-3, 2 deep doubles near the track
 Jeff Allison - 2 for 3, 2B, RBI
 Jose Arzuaga - Single, RBI....Nestor Perez, RBI
 Brewers Team - Send the M*A*S*H* truck or an ambulance...the dugout looked like a triage ward...thanks for playing through injuries, Brew Crew

Giants Defense Highlights

 Ricky Garthe - Great outing on the hill. Settled down after a bumpy first and threw shutout ball over the final eight innings giving up only 3 hits and striking out 9.
 Chris McKiel - Nice running catch on a liner to left.
 Chris Markuns - Great 9 innings behind the plate.
 Giants Team - Nice day defensively, lets keep it up!

Brewers Defense Highlights

 Jeff Allison - Solid 8 IP with a hobbled crew behind you...deserved better
 Tom Ralls - Solid IF play all day…..Tony Coppola, 9 innings catching and throwing out a runner at 2B
 Peter Buchanan - Very solid D all day on popups and digging in the dirt
 Brewers Team - Heal up, crew...2 weeks of icing and hot tubs....hats off to a very solid Giants squad with plenty of fight in them

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Athletics vs. White Sox at Hadley
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
White Sox000001030492
Athletics Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Klemm, Tom (W)(2-0)5300070
Smith, Brad3743000
Silva, Steve1000100
White Sox Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Mallin, John (L)(0-1)1355310
Goldner, Dan0 1/3000011
Sullivan, Tim7 2/3733170

Athletics Offense Highlights

 Tom Klemm - 2-3, 4 RBI, SB. Delivering on the mound AND at the dish
 Jamie MacLauchlan - 2-3, 3 Runs, SB
 Sandy Merejo - 2-3, Double, RBI. Guy dives back into 2nd base, dislocates or breaks his finger, Nurse Liz pops that sucker back in, taped it up and went RIGHT back out there and didn't miss a beat! What a legend. Welcome to the squad, Sandy!
 Joe Braga - 2-2, BB, SB, and a double. Someone's finding their groove, and it ain't Stella

White Sox Offense Highlights

 Chris Adams - Getting hot! 2-4 on a day without a lot of hits!
 John Mallin - Just as hot, going 2-4 with 2 RBI.
 White Sox Team - Kevin, Chris, Timmy, & George a hit each.

Athletics Defense Highlights

 Ryan Pearson - Tracking down a DEEEEEEEEEEEEP fly ball to center field, 405' my BUTT!
 Tom Klemm - Solid start going 5 strong, 0 Runs or Walks, and 7K's
 Athletics Team - Great team win, everyone contributed. Enjoy the 4th boys, and we'll see you in 2 weeks in Nashua

White Sox Defense Highlights

 John Mallin - & Chris Adams for catching in this heat. Cool off boys!
 Tim Sullivan - way to pitch 7+ on short notice, and a couple pickoffs! Ice up that arm!
 Sam Oliver - Way to track down a deep fly ball in left!
 White Sox Team - Fairly clean game. Let's keep it up!

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Braves vs. Yankees at Ferullo
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Braves Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Lewis, Dan3 2/3410101020
Deflumeri, Justin (L)(0-4)2 1/3652212
Ierardi, Daniel2544310
Yankees Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Mosher, Lance4883120
Ramirez, Nestor (W)(1-0)2564610
Janowicz, Chris (S)(1)3310130

Braves Offense Highlights

 Dan Beaudry - 3-4 3RS 1RBI --- Chris Page 3-4 3B RBI
 Gerard Millette - 3-4 3RBI ---- Justin D 2-4 2B 2RBI 2SB
 Daniel Ierardi - 1-3 2B 5SB 5RS --- Mike Smith 2-3 SB
 Tim Walsh - 2-4 2B 3RBI ---- Dan Lewis 3-4 2B 2RS RBI

Yankees Offense Highlights

 Bruce Brown - 2-3, 2 Runs, 3 RBI, 2 3B ***** Jay Clermont - 1-2, 3 Runs, RBI, 4 SB
 Tom Zawisza - 3-4, 2 Runs, RBI **** Jim Barry - 1-4. 1 Run, 2 RBI
 Joe Weidenbach - 1-3. 2 Runs, 3 RBI, 2B **** Bill Berlino - 1-4, 2 RBI
 David Clapp - 2-3, 4 Runs, 2 RBI ***** Lance Mosher 2-4. RBI

Braves Defense Highlights

 John Barry - Great job all day in the outfield
 Tim Walsh - Playing SS and started a nice 6-4-3 DP with Jason and Ty
 Justin Deflumeri - Justin sorry you got the L but we were in a back and forth scoring battle we just fell a little short today
 Braves Team - We are playing better then we have in a long time the wins are coming!! Wishing All players a safe and happy 4th!!

Yankees Defense Highlights

 Chris Janowicz - Solid 3 innings of relief for the save
 David Clapp - Always outstanding in CF
 Jay Clermont - Excellent 9 innings behind the dish in a steamer
 Yankees Team - Pretty ugly OTB kind of game defensively

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Twins vs. Orioles at Westford VFW
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Twins Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Morehouse, Joel (W)(5-2)6851020
Baribeault, Buddy (S)(1)3533012
Orioles Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Cimmino, Vinny6632040
Fieldsend, David (L)(0-2)1340010
Belair, Mike2462320

Twins Offense Highlights

 Brian Lavoie - 4 Hits including a Triple and two Doubles - 3 RS / 3 RBI / 1 SB.
 John Antonelli - 2 Hits - 1 RS / 1 RBI / 1 BB.
 Izhar Falcon - 2 Hits - 2 RS / 1 RBI.
 Dan Hickey - 2 Hits including Double - 1 RS / 1 SB.

Orioles Offense Highlights

 Rob Guarino - 3-4, 2R, 2B, RBI. Having a terrific year!
 Orioles Team - Johnny Mayi - Welcome to the O's. 2-4, R, 2B, 2RBI
 Chris Bleau - 2-4, RBI, continuing a torrid stretch!
 David Fieldsend - 2-4, 2R, SB - Raking from the leadoff spot!

Twins Defense Highlights

 Brian Lavoie - Handful of great plays at Shortstop including snag of linedrive up the middle for first out in Ninth.
 Joel Morehouse - Outstanding start going six innings for the Win.
 Buddy Baribeault - Strong relief effort earning the Save.
 Izhar Falcon - Nice diving catch in Right Field gap. **** Good win against a tough opponent.

Orioles Defense Highlights

 Orioles Team - 9 errors. That's effectively 3 extra innings plus 3 bases loaded we spotted a great team.
 Ryan Gaudet - Great diving catch in the first. If we had stopped playing right after that, we would have gone home content...
 David Fieldsend - Great catch on a pop-up with a dramatic roll at the end in the fifth...
 John Hernandez - Terrific catch in center on a deeply hit ball.

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Dodgers vs. Pirates at Ledge
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Dodgers Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Comeau, Keith5332541
Johnson, Patrick (W)(1-2)1010201
Montisanti, Jamie (S)(1)3322320
Pirates Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Deschene, Keith (L)(2-5)6 1/31475190
Bennett, Nick2 2/3441210

Dodgers Offense Highlights

 Shawn Smith - 2-3, HR, 3 RBI, R,BB...Rich Daigle - 2-4, 3R, 2 SB
 Mike Daigle - Mr Clutch! 2 key singles with 2 key RBI, BB...Keith Comeau- 2-3 , with a big RBI Double
 Nick Gladyszak - 2-4, 2R, SB....TZ, Monti, Jon and Scotty also with 2 hits each
 Dodgers Team - Superb performance against a tough customer in Mr Deschenes

Pirates Offense Highlights

 Drew Walsh - 1-3 with a home run and a walk
 Bill Schellbach - 1-1 with 3 walks, 3 runs, and a 2 run home run on the day with 2 SB's
 Nick Bennett - 1-2 with 2 RBI's and 2 walks on the day and a stolen base
 Rob Whitehouse - 1-2 with a single, run scored, and another HBP.

Dodgers Defense Highlights

 Keith Comeau - 5 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 4K, then ended the game with a beautiful rebound and dive!
 Paul Orzech - 8 inn behind the plate in the heat, yeoman's work Paul!
 Jamie Montisanti - final 3 inn for the save, also in the middle of 2 DP's and a relay from TZ to cut down a runner at 3rd!
 Scott Oppenheim - nice plays at 3rd today ..... 0 errors last week, 2 errors this week= 2 wins in a row, need to keep that up!

Pirates Defense Highlights

 Keith Deschene - Solid battle on the mound today. Maybe just stayed in one inning too long. We didn't help you out either though.
 Josh Cabrera - Solid plays all day at both SS and 3B
 Drew Walsh - Another hot day behind the plate
 Pirates Team - Lots of errors again today fellas. Gotta sharpen it up.

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Red Sox vs. Indians at Gage Park
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Red Sox1001510019194
Red Sox Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Sheehan, Mike4 1/3652242
Cloutier, Ray (L)(0-1)4 2/3752010
Indians Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Brooks, Bill61283150
Whalen, Tim (W)(2-1)3411020

Red Sox Offense Highlights

 Jack O'Neill - Jr. and Sr. with 2 hits each. The old man rob by Spitz of a 3rd.
 Red Sox Team - showing some life with the bats. Mike Sheehan w/ 3 hits. Mickey Ryan with 2 more hits.
 Mark Nichols - starts a rally in the 5th. Wait, he did what?? Ray Cloutier-- 3 hits
 Noel Hernandez - 2 hits along with Ricky Rosa 2 hits in his birthday week.

Indians Offense Highlights

 Jared Notargiacomo - 2-3, HBP, LOOONNNG 3 Run HR, 3 RBI
 Francisco Brito - 3-4, 3 RBI, Sb, Run 2b
 Dale Wiggins - 2-3, 2Bm Run, SB, RBI
 Kevin Spitz - 2-4, game winning walk off RBI double

Red Sox Defense Highlights

 Chris Velez - saves his IF from several throwing errors with his 1B glove.
 Mickey Ryan - has his usual stellar performance in CF.
 Ray Cloutier - pitches stellar in relief. A tough luck loss.
 Red Sox Team - making progress. Still a ways to go.

Indians Defense Highlights

 Jared Notargiacomo - Usual great job behind the plate including throwing out 2 runners at 2b
 Kevin Spitz - several fine plays at 2b including a great stab of a liner to double off runner
 Ryan Harvey - several nice plays at 2b, including the
 Indians Team - too many errors today boys, gotta clean it up

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Astros vs. Cardinals at Campbell
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Astros Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Mangan, James5433122
Vroom, Eric1 1/3455002
Spurr, Justin (L)(2-2)1 2/3443121
Cardinals Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Martell, Mike2 1/3255311
Martell, Justin3 2/3633260
Lindsey, Rob (W)(4-1)3100110

Astros Offense Highlights

 Joe Robarge - 2 for 3 with a BB, 2B, 3 SB's, and 2RS
 Justin Spurr - 3 for 4 with a 2B, SB, 2RS and an RBI
 Matt Bucci - 2 for 3 with a BB, SB and 3 RBI

Cardinals Offense Highlights

 Vinnie D'Amico - 2-3, 3B, RS, 5 RBI… huge bases loaded triple in the 5th got us going offensively and followed that up with a 2 RBI single in 7th
 Mike Mottolo - 2-3, BB, 2 RS, RBI; J Martell- 2-3, 2B, SF, 2 RS, RBI; R Lindsey- 2-3, RS
 Andy Gagnon - 1-2, 2B, 2 HBP, RS, RBI; M Martell- 1-3, HBP, 2 RS, RBI; B Bell- 1-3, RS, RBI; M Steffany- 1-3, RBI
 Lou Courtemanche - 1-4, RS; R Close- 1-3; C Larose- 1-2, BB, RS, RBI

Astros Defense Highlights

 James Mangan - Gave us 5 tough innings against a tough lineup. Deserved a W
 Astros Team - Need to put together 9 innings if we want to win games

Cardinals Defense Highlights

 Rob Lindsey - Another strong relief performance for the win - 3 innings giving up 1 hit and 0 runs
 Mike Steffany - Nice job catching 9 innings on a hot day
 Cardinals Team - Strong defensive game today committing only 1 error