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Pirates vs. Brewers at Daniel Webster
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Pirates Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Kellett, Josh (L)(1-2)2 2/371310400
Bennett, Nick2 1/3200100
Walsh, Drew3311100
Brewers Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Allison, Jeff (W)(8-2)5200080
DeCosta, John3632110
Trainor, Shaun1433110

Pirates Offense Highlights

 Nick Bennett - 2-3 with a 2B and a run scored
 Joe Ferreira - 2-3 with 2 RBI's
 Rob Judson - 2-3 with a run scored and a SB
 Pirates Team - We waited a little bit too long to start hitting the ball and scoring runs today

Brewers Offense Highlights

 Shaun Trainor - 3 hits, 2 RBI.....Jeff Allison - 2 hits, BB, RBI
 Tom Ralls - 3 hits, 2B. 2 RBI.....Ethan Bloomberg - 2 hits, 2 RBI
 Jason Riley - 3 hits, 2B, RBI, BB....Hugo Carozza - hit, RBI
 Brewers Team - Solid offense all day - 19 hits with 13 runs in 3 innings

Pirates Defense Highlights

 Bill Schellbach - Kept you busy in CF. Making all sorts of grabs out there
 Josh Cabrera - Nice snag from a bullet at 3B!
 Keith Deschene - Made all the plays at SS. Solid day per usual.
 Pirates Team - Not our best game. We need to make it up next game.

Brewers Defense Highlights

 Jeff Allison - Solid start on the hill, no runs, 8 K's
 John DeCosta - Good work at the hot corner and 3 IP of relief
 Brewers Team - Let's tighten up for next game

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Giants vs. White Sox at Shedd
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
White Sox000010000184
Giants Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Garthe, Ricky (W)(9-0)97110120
White Sox Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Smith, Kevin (L)(0-4)41186310
Flanders, George5421110

Giants Offense Highlights

 Ricky Garthe - 3-4. Double, Triple, SB, RBI. ****. Matt Savage 2-4 double, RBI.
 Mike Correa - 2-3, double. **** Dave Short 1-2 walk, sb, 2 RBI
 Chris Markuns - One hit, sb, walk, RBI. **** Taylor Leathers double, sb and RBI
 Mike Poitras - Frank Regan, Scott Evans all with one hit. **** Chris McKiel. In his Aloha game hit, sb, rbi and two runs scored.

White Sox Offense Highlights

 Kevin Smith - Smitty setting the tone going 2-3 w/ a 2B
 Tim Sullivan - The longest triple I've ever seen.
 Chris Williams - 1-3 with the lone RBI
 Chris Adams - 1-3 with a 2B

Giants Defense Highlights

 Ricky Garthe - 9 sharp innings on the hill. Striking out 7 in a row at one point to go along with a three pitch inning as well.
 Chris Markuns - 9 strong behind the plate. Threw runner out trying to steal.
 Dave Correa - Nice over the shoulder catch in foul territory from first base. ****. Taylor Leathers quick hands on a bad hop at third.
 Chris McKiel - Fittingly the last out of the game went to Chris. Aloha brother. We will miss you. Safe travels. Mahalo for the last two years. Remeber the Giants are Ohana.

White Sox Defense Highlights

 Kevin Smith - Way to fight through some tough innings! George Flanders too!
 Gary Lacroix - great snag on a bullet to start a DP
 Sam Descoteaux - way to tough it out all 9 behind the dish.
 White Sox Team - Let's tighten this up for one more game and go out with a bang!

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Braves vs. Astros at Westford VFW
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Braves Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Walsh, Tim (L)(0-1)51186020
Kalivas, Greg2640211
Lewis, Dan1311100
Astros Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Mangan, James3532110
Vroom, Eric (W)(1-0)2733120
Callahan, Matt (S)(1)4200040

Braves Offense Highlights

 Jason Henriquez - 4-5 with 3 2B's RBI RS
 Tim Walsh - 2-3 with 2BB RS RBI
 Braves Team - played short handed but fought till the end good job

Astros Offense Highlights

 Justin Spurr - 3 for 3 with 2 HR's, 5 RBI's, 3RS and a walk
 Matt Bucci - 4 for 4 with a 2B, 3 RBI's, 2RS, and a SB
 Joe Robarge - 2 for 3 with 4 RS, 3 SB's, BB, and a warning track power top of the fence double
 Chris Dellascio - 2 for 4 with 2 RBI's and 2 SB's

Braves Defense Highlights

 Dan Lewis - great job at ss
 Greg Kalivas - 2IP no earned great job
 Tim Walsh - 5 innings and kept us in the game not bad for only pitching 1 inning all year
 Gerard Millette - & Jason for catching in the heat

Astros Defense Highlights

 Matt Callahan - 4 innings of 2 hit ball to close the game out.
 Mike Abdinoor - A routine catch out in Center
 Joe Krieger - Spectacular catch on the run out in Right Field!
 Astros Team - Hats off to the Braves who played tough all day.

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Red Sox vs. Twins at Hadley
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Red Sox130020001700
Red Sox Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Tevepaugh, Jason (W)(6-3)7522250
Ryan, Mickey (S)(2)2221122
Twins Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Callahan, Rich (L)(1-2)5562411
Morehouse, Joel4310000

Red Sox Offense Highlights

 Ben Lugo - lays down the perfect sacrifice bunt that turns into a base hit.
 Mickey Ryan - proves that Shanahan can't throw out every runner stealing 2B.

Twins Offense Highlights

 Ken Perron - 1 Hit - 2 RS / 1 RBI / 1 BB
 John Antonelli - 2 Hits - 1 RBI
 Buddy Baribeault - Double - 1 RS
 Twins Team - Brian L. / Chris S. / Adam S. / Jonny A. - 1 Hit each. * Bats are still cold, couldn't string anything together.

Red Sox Defense Highlights

 Jason Tevepaugh - Solid start on the mound, throwing 7 innings, keeping it close for the bats.
 Mickey Ryan - pitches in relief for the 2nd game in a row. Flashes the leather in CF to rob the Twins repeatedly.
 John O'Neill - Little John uses all of his frame to run back and catch some bombs early.
 Red Sox Team - Need to keep working hard as a team to achieve those goals.

Twins Defense Highlights

 Rich Callahan - Strong start, but didn't get any help in the field or with the bats.
 Izhar Falcon - Two great throws from Center to Third and Left to Second snagging runners going for extra bases.
 Twins Team - 6 errors … Can't give the defending League Champions extra outs, they made us pay.

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Dodgers vs. Indians at Ferullo
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Dodgers Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Smith, Shawn (W)(3-1)8731292
Johnson, Patrick1000010
Indians Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Firicano, Paul (L)(1-1)61295331
Notargiacomo, Jared2060331
Brito, Francisco1100000

Dodgers Offense Highlights

 Shawn Smith - 1-3, Triple, 3 RBI, 2R....Nick Gladyszak - 1-3, BB, 3R
 Jay Thomas - 2-2, 2 walks, Double, RBI, 2R..... Jamie Montisanti - 1-3, HBP, 2 RBI
 Tom Zahareas - 2-4, RBI, 2R..... Rich Daigle - 1-3, walk, 2 SB, 2R, RBI
 Dodgers Team - A lot of clutch, timely hits

Indians Offense Highlights

 Jared Notargiacomo - 2 hits, run, SB
 Francisco Brito - 2hits, rbi
 Jeff Richardson - 2B, 2 BBs
 Sokpheap Som - Diolis Brito and Paul Firicano added hits

Dodgers Defense Highlights

 Shawn Smith - 8 IP, 1ER, 9K, outstanding outing from the ace!
 Patrick Johnson - a couple of sweet catches on the run in LF
 Keith Comeau - Gold glove first baseman all year, not said enough!!
 Dodgers Team - Made some nice plays, made some mistakes....Credit the Indians for a tough game while being shorthanded !

Indians Defense Highlights

 Francisco Brito - good game at short - started two double-plays
 Jared Notargiacomo - kept it close for a while making 2 plays at the plate
 Paul Firicano - great outing on mound. Not much defensive help.
 Indians Team - Great job S Smith and Dodgers

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Yankees vs. Athletics at Leland Park
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Yankees Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Weidenbach, Joe (L)(1-1)41085250
Mosher, Lance4600100
Athletics Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Klemm, Tom (W)(3-1)9311181

Yankees Offense Highlights

 Bruce Brown - 2-3, 3B
 Yankees Team - Great pitching beats good hitting - only 3 hits all day. Great performance by Tom Klemm.

Athletics Offense Highlights

 Bryan McIntire - 4-4, 2RBI, HBP, Run scored. Hot stick at the right time!
 Jamie MacLauchlan - 3-4, 2 Runs scored, 2 stolen bases and a walk
 Brad Smith - 3-5 w/an RBI
 Tom Klemm - 2-4, Triple, 3 RBI, 2 SB's, 2 Runs scored. One LOUD out with the right fielder positioned on Washington Street =)

Yankees Defense Highlights

 Bruce Brown - Great range at SS to nap a couple of pop flies. ***** Jim Barry - Nice catch in deep RF
 Lance Mosher - P - Kept the A's in check for the balance of the game.
 David Clapp - Always steady in LF
 Jay Clermont - C - Good performance behind the dish.

Athletics Defense Highlights

 Tom Klemm - CG, 8K's, 1 walk, 1 HBP and 1 Run allowed against a very good hitting team, including SIX 1-3 putouts. Also had back to back pickoffs in the first inning!
 Octavio Rodriguez - Vacuum at second base today! A couple put outs, couple catches. You have permission to be 15 minutes late and oversleep the rest of the way with that kind of play!
 Joe Braga - Catches all 9, again, as usual. Not sure what's more tired, your legs or your jaw from all the nonstop talking
 Mike Doherty - Broken arm, Schmoken arm. Errorless in Left field! ;)

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Orioles vs. Cardinals at Ledge
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Orioles Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Garon, Mike (W)(2-0)5521420
Cimmino, Vinny (S)(1)4632020
Cardinals Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Lindsey, Rob (L)(5-2)7 1/31365142
Martell, Justin1 2/3000020

Orioles Offense Highlights

 Mike Belair - 3-4, 2 RBI, Huge 2 run double to give us much needed padding
 Johnny Mayi - 3-4, R, two 2B, RBI, 2 SB. Johnny baseball coming through!
 Rob Guarino - 2-3, 2R, BB
 Vinny Cimmino - 2-4, RBI --- Steve Hannigan 2-4, RBI --- Chris Bleau - 3 runs scored!

Cardinals Offense Highlights

 Justin Martell - 3-4, 2 2B, RS, 2 RBI
 Mike Martell - 3-4, RS, RBI, 2 SB
 Vinnie D'Amico - 2-3, BB, 2 RS, 2 SB

Orioles Defense Highlights

 Andrew Pickering - Amazing job as emergency Center Fielder! Diving catch in the 4th, running catch of liner in the 6th!
 Mike Garon - 5 wonderful innings - unflappable... plus a big hit, too!
 Vinny Cimmino - 4 innings of relief a week after getting hitched! Congrats, Vinny!
 Orioles Team - Hat tip to a tough Cardinals team that came thisclose to flipping it around on us in the 9th.

Cardinals Defense Highlights

 Rob Lindsey - Pitched well for 7+ innings