Game results for August 21, 2022
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Giants vs. Braves at Gage Park
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Giants Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Garthe, Ricky6764180
Leathers, Taylor (W)(3-0)3211051
Braves Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Fotino, Mike6731350
Walsh, Tim1220000
Notargiacomo, Jared (L)(1-2)2450210

Giants Offense Highlights

 Ricky Garthe - 2-4, double rbi **** Mike Correa 2-4, rbi
 Taylor Leathers - Getting it done from the leadoff spot 1-2, two walks, rbi
 Dave Correa - Hit, SF fly **** Dave Short hit, rbi **** Frank Regan hit, rbi **** Oscar Aquino hit, rbi
 Scott Evans - Mark Maselli, Greg McKiel (walk) and Steve Bernardini (rbi, walk) all with a hit apiece.

Braves Offense Highlights

 Mike Fotino - home run
 Elis Perez - scored 3 times
 Jared Notargiacomo - scored 2 runs 2 dbs
 Rich Gallo - good game at the plate with 2rbi

Giants Defense Highlights

 Taylor Leathers - Outstanding final three innings on the hill giving us the chance to come back.
 Chris Markuns - 9 strong behind the plate.
 Giants Team - Way to never quit and keep grinding. Tip of the hat to Mike Fotino and the rest of the Braves, great battle today!

Braves Defense Highlights

 Mike Fotino - 6 solid innings of shutdown baseball.
 Braves Team - as a team we played about our best game of 8 innings . rough 9th. gave the giants all they could handle .

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Orioles vs. Cardinals at Campbell
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Orioles Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Belair, Mike (L)(1-1)3455423
Garon, Mike3332111
Fieldsend, David2755200
Cardinals Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Martell, Justin (W)(6-1)8600170
Lindsey, Rob1000000

Orioles Offense Highlights

 Andrew Pickering - 2-3, continuing hot streak
 Chris Bleau - Mike Belair - Rob Guarino - Ryan Gaudet - each with a hit. Ian Davis with a walk.
 Orioles Team - We need to score runs.
 Orioles Team - Hat tip to the Cards and Justin Martell for a clean, efficient win.

Cardinals Offense Highlights

 Rob Lindsey - 3-3; 2 RBI; 2 big 2 out RBI hits
 Vinnie D'Amico - 2-3; 2B; HBP; 2 RS; 2 SB; 2 RBI
 Daniel Ierardi - 2-4; 3B; 2 SB; 2 RBI; 2 out 2 RBI triple in 3rd inning
 Cardinals Team - W Smokler 3-3, 3RS; Single hits by J Martell BB, RS, 2 SB; D O’Neil 2B, RS; B Jennings RS, RBI; G Hopkins 2B, RBI

Orioles Defense Highlights

 David Fieldsend - Great play on liner at Short in the first inning, first batter.
 John Hernandez - Amazing Diving Catch in the 4th!! --- Ryan Gaudet - Full game behind the dish on short notice!
 Mike Garon - Mike Belair - Ryan Gaudet - Double play 5-3-2: grounder to third, force at first, tag at home!
 David Fieldsend - Joda Glossner - Rob Guarino - 6-4-3 double play in the 5th!

Cardinals Defense Highlights

 Justin Martell - Great outing on the mound today
 Daniel Ierardi - Showed tremendous range making plays all over the field
 Lou Courtemanche - Couple of really nice catches today in CF taking away hits and potential runs
 Mike Mottolo - Solid day behind the plate calling a great game

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Yankees vs. Twins at Westford VFW
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Yankees Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Janowicz, Chris (L)(3-2)4865200
Weidenbach, Joe4686222
Twins Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Callahan, Rich (W)(2-0)7733241
Baribeault, Buddy2300000

Yankees Offense Highlights

 Chris Augeri - 2-2, walk
 Jon Smithers - 2-3, double, Run *** Nestor Ramirez: 2-3, double, Run, RBI, SB
 Dave Bernardini - , Pete Hudson, Rich Rosa - nice hits today
 Yankees Team - tough day - couldn't really get the bats going

Twins Offense Highlights

 Jonathan Anglero - 2-2, BB, 3RS, RBI - great work!
 Buddy Baribeault - 3-3, 2 doubles, 2RS, 3RBI and HBP
 Stephen Alepa - 2-3, 2RS, 2RBI. Brian Lavoie - 2 doubles, 2RS.
 Twins Team - Great day at the plate all around. Kept bangin all game. Keep it up.

Yankees Defense Highlights

 Dave Bernardini - and Chris Augeri - solid play at second - lots of put outs
 Yankees Team - tough day all around - lots of balls just in the wrong spot - hats off to Twins for scrapping at the plate all day.

Twins Defense Highlights

 Rich Callahan - Outstanding start! Stifled a very good hitting Yankees lineup to only three runs.
 Raul Alvarez - Great day at short, made a couple double plays.
 Tom Burgess - Turned a nice 3-6 double play late! Made up for his stumble...
 Twins Team - One error, that's how we play! Way to stay focused throughout to keep the lead.

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White Sox vs. Indians at Ledge
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
White Sox000020020462
White Sox Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Smith, Kevin (L)(1-2)61299440
Kalivas, Greg2522100
Indians Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Whalen, Tim (W)(3-1)9743181

White Sox Offense Highlights

 Tim Sullivan - Unreal, 3-3 with 2 2-Run HRs
 John Mallin - 2-3
 Joe Tomacchio - 1-3
 White Sox Team - Tough day, hats off to Tim W for shutting us down. Let's finish strong next week!

Indians Offense Highlights

 Ismael Brito - 3-3, 3rs, 2b
 Chris Shanahan - 2-2, rs, 3 rbi, sb, 2bb, HR
 Kevin Spitz - 2-4, rs, 2rbi
 Tim Whalen - 2-4, 3sb

White Sox Defense Highlights

 John Mallin - Greta behind the dish per usual.
 Misael Diaz - They tested your arm in CF early, and they quickly stopped!
 Kevin Smith - And Greg Kalivas - Pitched in a sneaky hot day.

Indians Defense Highlights

 Tim Whalen - CG W, 8k
 Chris Shanahan - CS
 Indians Team - 1 error

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Red Sox vs. Dodgers at Hadley
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Red Sox0200000103105
Red Sox Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Tevepaugh, Jason (L)(3-3)51283010
Garon, Matt2343220
Sheehan, Mike1100010
Dodgers Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Comeau, Keith (W)(2-2)9931230

Red Sox Offense Highlights

 Jason Tevepaugh - 2 hits and 1 SB
 Red Sox Team - 9 of 14 batters with a hit in the game.
 Red Sox Team - too many flyballs, not enough line drives
 Steve Walsh - 1 single and a 399 foot flyout to DJ.

Dodgers Offense Highlights

 Keith Comeau - Our Pitcher also goes, 4 for 4, with 3 runs, 2 rbi and a sb.... PJ Johnson - Also 4 for 4, double, 2 runs and 2 rbi.....
 Nick Gladyszak - 3-4, double, 3 runs, sb.... Dan Ruggiero - 3 for 4, 2 rbi...
 Rich Daigle - 2-4, double, run, rbi..... Jamie Montisanti- double, 2 rbi....Dj Ruggiero - 1-2, 2 walks, 2 sb, run...
 Lenny Wagner - (2 runs), Tom Z(1 run) and Scotty O each with a hit....A complete team effort with many key hits

Red Sox Defense Highlights

 Jason Tevepaugh - 5 innings- 12 hits, eight runs, only 3 earned.
 Matt Garon - 2 innings pitched after traveling around the world and getting a win off the field.
 Red Sox Team - 7 unearned runs allowed. Too many bad hops that didn't go our way.
 Red Sox Team - On to next week. Full squad ready for a reckoning. Leave the baserunning blunders behind.

Dodgers Defense Highlights

 Keith Comeau - Kept the tough hitting Sox off balance all day, complete game, 1 ER, amazing job from one of our leaders!
 DJ Ruggiero - all over left field making some big catches as was our whole OF....
 Tom Zahareas - numerous put outs and assists at SS, great d....PJ Johnson- lots of scoops at 1b
 Dodgers Team - a few missteps but made some real nice plays in key spots to limit the runs

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Brewers vs. Astros at Shedd
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Brewers Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Kay, Greg (L)(0-4)7131310451
Perez, Nestor1244210
Astros Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Bucci, Matt (W)(2-0)5822041
Mangan, James3311000
Mayi, Johnny0 1/3100010
Spurr, Justin0 2/3000010

Brewers Offense Highlights

 Matt Medeiros - 3-4
 Shaun Trainor - 2-5

Astros Offense Highlights

 Matt Bucci - Wakes from his drug induced coma to go 3-3 for 2 HR's and a 2B, 6 RBI's and 3 RS...celebrates by going back into a drug induced coma...
 Tim Shay - The fetish king stop talking about bizarre sex acts long enough to go 2 for 3 with a 3B, HBP, RBI and RS
 Justin Spurr - Was depressed his first 2 at bats after dropping the son off at college...gets HPB and snaps out it and hulk smashes a HR his next at bat to finish with 3 RBI and a RS....
 Astros Team - 8 guys had RBI's....almost as many who have STD's.....

Brewers Defense Highlights

 Greg Kay - 7 innings today, your stuff looked good, but the astros did a good job hitting good pitches
 Shaun Trainor - great job catching all 8 innings today
 Brewers Team - Too many holes and mental errors to a good hitting team=a 17-3 loss. Time to rebuild...

Astros Defense Highlights

 Tim Hogg - Someone must slipped something onto his Red Baron breakfast pizza cause the guy was making plays all over 2nd base...
 Matt Callahan - Kicking ass doing the book! Don't know what we are going to do when he's back on the field...
 Astros Team - Pitchers combined for 0 walks today???? WTF?? We are usually more generous than that....
 Astros Team - An error to the 1st batter than clean the entire way???? Has to be cause Mayi was early cause somethings not adding up...

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Pirates vs. Athletics at Ferullo
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Pirates Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Deschene, Keith (W)(3-3)98330121
Athletics Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Morales, Pauly6821321
Doherty, Mike (L)(2-3)3540020

Pirates Offense Highlights

 Nick Bennett - 1-3 with 2 RBI's and a run scored
 Derek Crawford - 2-2 with a triple, walk, and 2 RBI's
 Mike Chateauneuf - 2-3 with an RBI
 Pirates Team - 14 hits today fellas. We need to ride that momentum into next week.

Athletics Offense Highlights

 Joe Braga - 2-3, Double, RBI. sweet bulge
 Ryan Pearson - 1-2. Walk. 2 Runs Scored
 Bryan McIntire - /Pauly Morales/Matt Mastas/Brad Smith all with a hit each
 Athletics Team - Not much more to say than Keith D took our lunch money. Great pitching performance, bud. Always a struggle to get hits off a dialed in Ace

Pirates Defense Highlights

 Keith Deschene - The playoff Keith we all knew would show up. Stud on the mound today.
 Drew Walsh - Great game behind the dish today. Kept them off balance.
 Rob Daly - Some big plays at SS today
 Pirates Team - See what happens when we play D and only make 1 error?

Athletics Defense Highlights

 Mark Magoon - Snared a liner on a nice diving play in the 1st inning.
 Matt Mastas - Great job at short. Also assisted turning a 3-6-1 DP started by Tom Klemm
 Joe Braga - Nabs another runner trying to steal, catches 9, proving that playing time can be bought by giving the coach gifts
 Mike Doherty - Wishes he had the baby earlier, so he didn't have to suffer his 2nd defeat to the Pirates this season