Game results for August 27, 2023
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White Sox vs. Braves at Alumni
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
White Sox40002501012191
White Sox Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Sullivan, Tim3522010
Gomes, Andrew (W)(1-2)4452142
Diaz, Misael (S)(3)2100120
Braves Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Cudequest, Frank (L)(2-3)512102270
Poitras, Andrew3211050
Fotino, Mike1200030

White Sox Offense Highlights

 Misael Diaz - 3-4 with a BB, SB, & 2 runs
 Greg Kalivas - 3-5 with a run and an RBI
 Paul Orzech - 2-3 with a 2B, RBI, and 2 runs
 White Sox Team - Big hits up and down the line up. Let's keep it going!

Braves Offense Highlights

 Elis Perez - 2 for 2 with 2 runs scored a stolen base and hbp
 Maurice Anderson - got a hit to get us going.
 Tim Walsh - got a hit to drive in a run .

White Sox Defense Highlights

 Sam Oliver - Phenomenal catch in RF! Not many guys get to that ball!
 Kevin Smith - Kevin "Willie Mays" Smith with a diving catch in shallow CF!
 Greg Kalivas - WIth an absolute bullet from 2B to prevent a big inning.
 Andrew Gomes - Way to step up, and get the job done on the mound!

Braves Defense Highlights

 Braves Team - wasnt our best game out there today, mental mistakes base running and fielding bit us good . have a couple weeks to let this sink in and get back at it .
 Joel Cuevas - played a good 3rd base today improving every game
 Elis Perez - couple catches in center field.

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Pirates vs. Dodgers at Westford VFW
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Pirates Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Deschene, Keith (W)(4-1)94210110
Dodgers Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Thomas, Jay (L)(1-3)7531020
Guest, Nick2322010

Pirates Offense Highlights

 Derek Crawford - 2-3, Single down the line to knock in 2 RBI's in the 5th.
 Bill Schellbach - Key hit in the 5th and run scored.
 Kevin Hamel - Great hit in the 9th to help insure the win 1 RBI and 1 RS.
 Josh Cabrera - A smash that one hopped the fence in left 1 RS.

Dodgers Offense Highlights

 Lenny Wagner - bought himself another year with a big RBI knock in the 3rd to get us on the board!
 Jay Thomas - 1 for 3, R, tried to spark us in the 8th with 2 outs....Tom Zahareas - 1 for 3, SB...
 Jamie Montisanti - 1 for 3, RBI....Rich Daigle - 1 for 3, SB....DJ Ruggiero - 1 for 3, R, SB...
 Dodgers Team - Story of the year, can't capitalize with RISP...Keith D was dominant no doubt and solid D behind him

Pirates Defense Highlights

 Keith Deschene - Managed a great game and pitched an even better one! 11K's
 Bill Schellbach - Solid play in center all day running down long outs!
 Drew Walsh - Called a great game behind the dish!
 Pirates Team - Great Team Win! Tip of the hat to the Dodgers for a well played game.

Dodgers Defense Highlights

 Jay Thomas - toe to toe with the beast, great duel, 7 IP, 1 ER, 2 K, 5H....
 Raj Bhol - beautiful catch in LF and throw to 1st to double off the runner....
 Dan Ruggiero - started a crisp 4-6-3 double play to squash a rally in the 7th
 Dodgers Team - got 2 more and need to win em both or else!

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Indians vs. Astros at Shedd
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Indians Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Whalen, Tim (W)(3-1)99410120
Astros Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Mangan, James (L)(0-2)4752210
Flanders, George5885120

Indians Offense Highlights

 Francisco Brito - 3 hits, triple, 4 rbi, 2r
 Diolis Brito - 3 hits, triple, 2 rbi, 2r
 Dale Wiggins - 2 hits, dbl, 2rbi, r
 Brian Shea - 2 hits, rbi, r

Astros Offense Highlights

 Greg Stratis - The 3 legged 1 testicle cat musters all his mojo and gets his first hit of the season in the 9th inning with 1 out and us down 9 runs....way to keep us in it buddy!
 Tim Hogg - Didn't strikeout....unless you count his Saturday nights....for the past 15 years....
 Jim Corbett - Almost didn't make the game after almost choking to death on a hot dog all night long. Never practice fellatio alone and always wait 30 minutes after eating....

Indians Defense Highlights

 Tim Whalen - CG, 12k
 Chris Shanahan - CG behind plate
 Indians Team - 1 error

Astros Defense Highlights

 George Flanders - Haven't heard someone so exited to take Propofol and get something stuck up his ass since Michael Jackson. Good luck with colonoscopy prep....
 Astros Team - Between Corbie and Flanders no wonder this team choked and shat all over itself....
 Joe Krieger - Thought as hard as he could a ball was hard as he could...didn't matter...ball was fair...Joe pissed ump didn't yell FAIR! Like when the male masseuses talk about the skin on his creamy hamstrings...

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Orioles vs. Giants at Gage Park
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Orioles Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Merritt, Chad (L)(2-3)81275341
Giants Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Garthe, Ricky (W)(5-0)6432280
Savage, Matthew (S)(2)3400060

Orioles Offense Highlights

 Chad Merritt - 2-4, RBI, dialed in on both sides of the game!
 Mike Blanchette - 2-2, BB, peaking at the right time!
 Mike Garon - 1-4, 2R, 2B, always hitting the ball well
 Orioles Team - Lots of hits, but still struggling to string them together. Great job, Giants pitchers!

Giants Offense Highlights

 Oscar Aquino - 2-3, double, rbi, sb **** Tim Giroux 2-2, double, rbi, walk
 Dave Correa - 2-3, double 2 rbi **** Chris Markuns 2-3
 Matthew Savage - hit, walk **** Ricky Garthe hit, stolen base, rbi. **** Dave Short hit , stolen base
 Greg McKiel - Double **** Frank Regan hit, walk **** Mark Maselli hit, rbi **** Mike and Bernie hitless.

Orioles Defense Highlights

 Chad Merritt - Another epic performance from Chad to keep us close all game!
 Shane Bursae - 8 great innings behind the dish!
 Andrew Pickering - Great running catch in the 6th inning of a rocket hit by Garthe!
 Orioles Team - Came up just a little short against a stellar Giants squad

Giants Defense Highlights

 Oscar Aquino - Throwing out runner at second from deep left field.
 Chris Markuns - Great throw to get runner stealing.
 Giants Team - Good D today, not perfect, but needed it against a pesky short handed Orioles team.

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Brewers vs. Twins at Ferullo
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Brewers Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Whelan, Don (L)(0-3)5744210
Kay, Greg3353432
Twins Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Callahan, Rich (W)(4-1)6843230
Baribeault, Buddy3533300

Brewers Offense Highlights

 Nestor Perez - 2 hits with a double and a walk at the leadoff spot, great job setting the table for us
 Jonathan Melendez - 3-4 with an rbi and a fan club that has no rival
 Shaun Trainor - 3-4 with 3 rbis, hit the ball hard all day, nice job protecting Rob in the 3 hole

Twins Offense Highlights

 Izhar Falcon - Iceman, 2-2, 2RS, yet another HBP. Let the man hit!
 Stephen Alepa - 2-3 with 2RS, and almost a great bunt
 Steven Consalvi - on base all day!
 Mike Hurley - amazingly, didn't walk

Brewers Defense Highlights

 Rob MacDonald - as always, did a nice job digging baseballs out of the dirt, made everyone else look better.
 Jason Riley - 9 innings behind the plate, called a good game and kept the ball in front of him
 Brewers Team - Not our best day out there, we are usually better than this, need to be clean against the Dodgers!

Twins Defense Highlights

 Rich Callahan - Another great start by Richard! Setting us up
 Mike Hurley - unassisted double play at third, robbed a blooper and dove back to third glove first, bang
 Brian Lavoie - solid all day at short and third
 Twins Team - Great defense today, three double plays!

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Red Sox vs. Athletics at Hadley
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Red Sox0000000000102
Red Sox Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Cloutier, Ray (L)(1-2)81053300
Athletics Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Klemm, Tom91000160

Red Sox Offense Highlights

 Red Sox Team - picked off base 3x, twice by TK and once by overthinking.
 Noel Hernandez - 2 hits
 Ben Lugo - , Steve Walsh, Clouts, Jason, Ricky, Luis, Jack and Mark all with 1 hit.

Athletics Offense Highlights

 Steve Silva - Setting the table by going 2-4, SB, scored a run
 Joe Braga - Has a nice 2-3 day with a SB and a Run
 Tom Klemm - Hit about 4 balls out of hadley JUST foul, then put one through a Lexus’ windshield. Goes 0-2 with a sac fly***Pauly Morales and Chris Paris also in on the sac fly action. Lots of flying sacks on the balls field
 Stephen Felde - Hot shots a ball in the Right center gap, 6 strides later he’s on 3rd for a triple/error to send him to the plate. Fun fact: Felde’s time around the bases is quicker than Mark Magoon, Mike Dots, or Ed banks can make it from home to first

Red Sox Defense Highlights

 Ray Cloutier - great outing, that had no run support
 Ben Lugo - jumps all over the place to make the catches.
 Juan Pablos Mercedes - threw some leather himself.
 Jim Lyons - nice catch of a long fly ball to the stonewall in RF.

Athletics Defense Highlights

 Tom Klemm - What a legend. “playoff TK” showed UP! 9 IP, CG. shutout, 6K’s, 1 walk. 2 more pickoffs, turned a HUGE L1-3 DP to end an inning
 Stephen Felde - Officially Felde’s “arrival” game. Tracks down a ball running from left center to RF, just arms and legs flailing around to make a circus catch
 Joe Braga - Fantastic behind the dish, always love seeing a guy willing to catch 9 and be a brick wall!
 Athletics Team - Only 1 error against a team that can make you pay every time you slip up, great work. @Red Sox, you got a great squad, tough battle! Best of luck in your next 2 games!!

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Padres vs. Cardinals at Campbell
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Padres Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Sholl, John (L)(2-3)51066030
Mosher, Lance3643130
Cardinals Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Martell, Justin1 1/3000113
Lindsey, Rob (W)(5-0)6 2/3700030
Gagnon, Andy1100100

Padres Offense Highlights

 Bryan Harrold - 2-2, 2B, BB
 John Sholl - 2-2, BB
 Joe Robichaud - 1-2, HBP
 Padres Team - Not a whole lot to write home about...had chances, including twice having bases loaded with only 1 out...couldn't get timely hits

Cardinals Offense Highlights

 Andy Gagnon - 3-3, 2- 2B, 2 RS, RBI
 Dennis O'Neil - 3-3, RS
 Dan Ierardi - 2-3, 3B, HR, 2 RS, 2 RBI
 Cardinals Team - Bill Jennings- 2-3, RS, RBI; Bryan Bell- 2-3, RS, RBI, SB

Padres Defense Highlights

 Rob Ortiz - Making plays all over the field...Caught 6 innings and then made running plays at 2B
 Jeffrey Rosa - Made a circus catch at 2B, launching over Bryan
 John Sholl - and Lance...solid on the mound against a very good hitting Cardinals lineup
 Padres Team - Better errors in the field

Cardinals Defense Highlights

 Rob Lindsey - Terrific outing on the mound for the win coming in with one out in the 2nd
 Cardinals Team - Solid defensive game by everyone today, 0 errors and turned 2 inning ending double plays with the bases loaded
 Dan Ierardi - Solid play at SS displaying great range
 Dennis O'Neil - Great inning ending double play