OTB Board of Directors


OTB Executive Board

Exec board email

Email sent here will reach the President, VP Admin, VP Operations, Treasurer, and Secretary.


Chris Augeri

President email
978-746-6232 (OTB phone)

Overseeing and assisting OTB board

Vice President of Administration

Brad Smith

VP Admin email

Responsible for annual draft

Vice President of Operations

Adam Scharff

VP Operations email

Responsible for scheduling, rules review, conduct and umpire issues


Dom Caraco

Treasurer email

Responsible for financials, disbursements, budgets and fields


Mike Doherty

Secretary email

Responsible for duties specific to Secretary tasks and purchasing


Chris Augeri (acting)

Registrar email

OTB registration
Phone: 978-746-6232


Rules & Bylaws Committee Chairperson

Pete Hudson

Rules Committee email

Rules & Regulations issues

Draft Committee

Chris Augeri

Draft Committee email

Draft issues

Conduct Committee Chairperson

Adam Scharff

Conduct Committee email

Conduct issues

Umpires Committee Chairperson

Brad Smith

Umpire Committee email

Umpiring issues

Technology Committee Chairperson

Tony Coppola

Tech Committee email

Technology and website issues, website content, suggestions, requests

Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson

Adam Scharff

Hall of Fame Committee email

Hall of Fame nominations, guidelines, etc.

Umpire Assignor

John Shaheen

Umpire Assignor email

Umpiring assignments

NOTB Committee Chairperson

Lou Cobuccio

NOTB email

Addressing all NOTB issues such as budgeting, drafting, scheduling, rules, umpires, equipment, team manager duties.

NOTB Registrar

Mike McNally

NOTB email

NOTB registration


Tony Coppola

Web Master email