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Sun Jun 16
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Sun Jun 09
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otb mediaAstros2
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otb mediaTwins8
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otb mediaYankees17
2023 Regular Season and Prior Year Playoff and Championship Videos
Rob McDonald goes deep
Rob McDonald of the Brewers takes Andrew Gomes of the White Sox deep at Ferullo Field. Yup, that's the whole clip (June 9, 2024).
Trainor Walkoff
Shaun Trainor strokes a perfect walk off RBI single to give the Brewers the win vs the Padres (June 2, 2024).
Tim Walsh bases clearing double
Tim Walsh of the Padres strokes a bases clearing double off of the Brewers' Rob McDonald to put the Padres up 3-1 in the bottom of the 7th at VFW Field (June 2, 2024).
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NOTB 2024 Waitlist
Registration for our night league is complete but players can sign up as a substitute player and pay $30 for the first 3 games.
Team pictures needed OTB and NOTB players, friends, families: We need your help! If your team does not have a team picture, please bring your digital cameras, smart phones, anything that can take a picture. Please send photos in email in actual or full size to webmaster@otbinc.com
OTB 2024 Registration Our 2024 player draft took place on March 24 and all rosters are filled. Registration is now available for our waiting list. Sign up now to be on the list for $75. If a roster spot becomes available, then the first on the list gets called to fill that roster spot. As subsequent positions open up, the next registration in line gets called to fill that open spot.
OTB HOF members Check out the HOF members inducted in OTB's 30-year history.
OTB Professional Photos Check out PixPro Photo's site with pics from 2020-2022, including the 2023 Finals
Meetings OTB board meetings are held monthly, typically on the first Monday of each month, as well as additional meetings for draft, etc. Email is sent to all board members with links for the meetings which are held in Zoom.
A letter to Chris Augeri from John Gianino
Dear Chris,
The Award at our banquet last year, given in your honor for now and into the future, is emblematic of who you are to this league. The Award includes the words “Most Valuable Player.” This is who you are ... Read the full letter
OTB Championship Teams Check out our updated page showing every OTB Champion and Runner-Up throughout the history of Over Thirty Baseball.
OTB Team Timeline Check out a timeline of 30 years of OTB teams from 1993-2022.
We need your videos! If you have any video clips of your game action, you can upload them using this Google form. You must have a Gmail account. If unable, email videos to otbwebmaster@gmail.com. Do your best to trim videos to 30 seconds or less. If you are unable to, we can do that for you.
OTB members in the community OTB players Jack O'Neill of the Red Sox and Tim Sullivan of the White Sox are featured in this NESN video teaching boxing and working with the Lowell kids at the gym.
Lowell Sun interview Check out the interview with OTB President Chris Augeri.
2024 Season - Team HR Leaders
otb mediaYankees6

otb mediaBrewers3

otb mediaRed Sox3
2024 Season - Team Run Leaders
otb mediaYankees86

otb mediaDodgers77

otb mediaRed Sox57

2024 Season - Team Defense Leaders
otb mediaDodgers24

otb mediaPirates28

otb mediaGiants30

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