Over Thirty Baseball

Our league President's newsletter

A message from Chris Augeri

Dear OTB Ballplayer,
Welcome to our 30th season of Over Thirty Baseball. We are very proud of this anniversary and look forward to many more years to come. Our philosophy has not changed from our very first year.

Over Thirty Baseball, Inc. (O.T.B., Inc.) was created to allow baseball players thirty years of age and over an opportunity to play the game they enjoyed playing as a youngster and for those who never had a chance to play the game. The skill level of our players varies from those who have played professionally to those who have never played organized baseball at any level. It is the longstanding tradition of OTB to accept players of all skill levels, work with and develop these players and to improve the ability and skill level of each individual player. This process creates a competitive league and championship-driven teams.

To all our first year players, welcome and we hope you enjoy being a member of OTB.

To all our returning players, welcome back and thank you for many years of competition and camaraderie.

OTB will send out periodic email communications to provide updates and important information. We will also post this information on our website so please check our site often @ www.lowellotb.org

More Information:
Our website has a new link to use for our annual rules review. Players are encouraged to offer ideas and feedback regarding our Rules and Bylaws. Our Rules Committee and Board of Directors will consider this input before making rule changes in the offseason. We want your feedback!

OTB Collision Rules are in place and updated this year to reduce the risk of collisions on our base paths. Runners must "slide or avoid" defensive players and defenders must give a path to the base or plate even when possessing the ball. The attached PDF file should help clarify changes to this rule.

OTB rainout and rain delay procedure:
In the event that either the current field or forecasted weather status make the conditions for playing uncertain, the league will institute a Rain Delay. Notification will be made no later than 6:45 AM by post on our website or by calling the league telephone number @: 978-746-6232. Once invoked, game times would be shifted to 9:45 AM. During the intervening time, both teams would be responsible to attempt to render the fields playable by both OTB and umpire standards. If by 8:15 AM all parties agree that fields are unplayable, the game shall be rained out. Both teams and the umpire crew should work together to determine field safety and playability. Once the ground rules have been reviewed, the responsibility rests solely with the umpires.

Use this link to sign up for text alerts for rainouts and rain delays:
Text Alerts

Our rules require players in OTB to be at least 29 years of age (if turning 30 within the year). Please be prepared to show your manager proof of age opening day or as soon as possible thereafter.

Please use this link to complete a waiver for our Westford VFW field. This is a requirement from the town of Westford in order to use this field.

Once again welcome to OTB and on behalf of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors we hope you enjoy your baseball season this year and for many years to come.