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All games start at 8:30 AM unless otherwise noted

Sunday, April 25
Red Soxat YankeesGage
Indiansat OriolesFerullo
Giantsat BravesHadley
Piratesat AstrosWestford VFW
White Soxat TwinsShedd
Dodgersat AthleticsLeland Park
Brewersat CardinalsRyan
Sunday, May 02
White Soxat BrewersGage
Indiansat BravesHadley
Athleticsat PiratesWestford VFW
Twinsat DodgersFerullo
Red Soxat AstrosLeland Park
Oriolesat GiantsLedge
Yankeesat CardinalsShedd
Sunday, May 09
Yankeesat White SoxRyan
Bravesat PiratesLeland Park
Cardinalsat DodgersWestford VFW
Giantsat AstrosFerullo
Red Soxat TwinsHadley
Brewersat IndiansShedd
Oriolesat AthleticsGage
Sunday, May 16
Cardinalsat Red SoxWestford VFW
Dodgersat White SoxFerullo
Brewersat YankeesLeland Park
Astrosat OriolesHadley
Piratesat TwinsCampbell
Giantsat IndiansLedge
Bravesat AthleticsShedd
Sunday, May 23
Piratesat BrewersFerullo
Athleticsat Red SoxCampbell
Twinsat YankeesLeland Park
Cardinalsat OriolesHadley
Astrosat BravesGage
Dodgersat GiantsShedd
White Soxat IndiansWestford VFW
Sunday, June 06
Red Soxat BrewersGage
Twinsat BravesCampbell
Oriolesat PiratesShedd
Yankeesat DodgersHadley
White Soxat AstrosWestford VFW
Athleticsat GiantsFerullo
Indiansat CardinalsLeland Park
Sunday, June 13
Giantsat Red SoxShedd
Oriolesat White SoxFerullo
Cardinalsat PiratesLedge
Bravesat DodgersLeland Park
Brewersat AstrosHadley
Indiansat TwinsCampbell
Yankeesat AthleticsWestford VFW
Sunday, June 20
Dodgersat Red SoxHadley
Bravesat White SoxShedd
Astrosat YankeesLedge
Brewersat OriolesLeland Park
Giantsat TwinsWestford VFW
Piratesat IndiansFerullo
Cardinalsat AthleticsCampbell
Sunday, June 27
Giantsat BrewersShedd
Athleticsat White SoxHadley
Bravesat YankeesFerullo
Twinsat OriolesWestford VFW
Dodgersat PiratesLedge
Red Soxat IndiansGage
Astrosat CardinalsCampbell
Sunday, July 11
Athleticsat BrewersLedge
Red Soxat BravesFerullo
Yankeesat PiratesHadley
Oriolesat DodgersCampbell
Indiansat AstrosWestford VFW
White Soxat GiantsLeland Park
Twinsat CardinalsShedd
Sunday, July 18
Oriolesat Red SoxNorth Common Rained out
Piratesat White SoxHadley Rained out
Indiansat YankeesCampbell Rained out
Brewersat BravesWestford VFW Rained out
Astrosat DodgersShedd Rained out
Cardinalsat GiantsLeland Park Rained out
Twinsat AthleticsFerullo Rained out
Sunday, July 25
Piratesat Red SoxShedd
Cardinalsat White SoxFerullo
Giantsat YankeesWestford VFW
Bravesat OriolesCampbell
Brewersat TwinsHadley
Dodgersat IndiansLedge
Astrosat AthleticsLeland Park
Sunday, August 01
Dodgersat BrewersWestford VFW
White Soxat Red SoxLeland Park
Yankeesat OriolesShedd
Piratesat GiantsCampbell
Astrosat TwinsLedge
Athleticsat IndiansHadley
Bravesat CardinalsFerullo
Sunday, August 08
Oriolesat Red SoxLedge Rain makeup from July 18
Piratesat White SoxHadley Rain makeup from July 18
Indiansat YankeesCampbell Rain makeup from July 18
Brewersat BravesWestford VFW Rain makeup from July 18
Astrosat DodgersShedd Rain makeup from July 18
Cardinalsat GiantsLeland Park Rain makeup from July 18
Twinsat AthleticsFerullo Rain makeup from July 18
Sunday, August 15
(Playoff Game)
Dodgersat BrewersWestford VFW
Yankeesat AstrosLeland Park
White Soxat GiantsFerullo
Oriolesat TwinsDaniel Webster
Piratesat IndiansHadley 14 inning game!
Bravesat AthleticsShedd
Red Soxat CardinalsLedge
Sunday, August 22
(Playoff Game)
Piratesat BrewersCampbell Rained out
Giantsat White SoxShedd Rained out
Bravesat AstrosWestford VFW Rained out
Red Soxat TwinsHadley Rained out
Dodgersat IndiansFerullo Rained out
Yankeesat AthleticsLeland Park Rained out
Oriolesat CardinalsLedge Rained out
Sunday, August 29
(Playoff Game)
Piratesat BrewersDaniel Webster
Giantsat White SoxShedd
Bravesat AstrosWestford VFW
Red Soxat TwinsHadley
Dodgersat IndiansFerullo
Yankeesat AthleticsLeland Park
Oriolesat CardinalsLedge
Sunday, September 12
(Playoff Game)
Oriolesat Red SoxLedge
Bravesat YankeesWestford VFW
Piratesat DodgersDaniel Webster
White Soxat GiantsLeland Park
Cardinalsat TwinsShedd
Brewersat IndiansFerullo
Astrosat AthleticsHadley
Sunday, September 19
(Playoff Game)
Dodgersat AstrosWestford VFW
Piratesat GiantsFerullo Rained out
Red Soxat IndiansHadley
Oriolesat AthleticsShedd
Sunday, September 26
(Playoff Game)
4th Seed of Final Fourat 1st Seed of Final FourTBD
3rd Seed of Final Fourat 2nd Seed of Final FourTBD
Sunday, October 03
National League All Starsat American League All StarsTBD
Sunday, October 10
(Playoff Game)
Lowest Seedat Highest SeedTBD OTB Championship
Fisher Cats Stadium
10:00 AM start
Denotes games using wooden bats only