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April 30
May 07
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June 18
June 25
July 09
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All games start at 8:30 AM unless otherwise noted
Denotes games using wooden bats only

Sunday, April 30
Red Soxat White Sox🌧️
Yankeesat Padres🌧️
Oriolesat Athletics🌧️
Dodgersat Indians🌧️
Astrosat Twins🌧️
Cardinalsat Giants🌧️
Bravesat BYE🌧️
Piratesat BYE🌧️
Sunday, May 07
Red Soxat Brewers
Yankeesat Astros
Bravesat Athletics
Giantsat Orioles
Twinsat Pirates
Indiansat Cardinals
Padresat White Sox
Dodgersat BYE
Sunday, May 14
White Soxat Yankees
Dodgersat Orioles
Astrosat Red Sox
Twinsat Brewers
Indiansat Giants
Cardinalsat Braves
Padresat Pirates
Athleticsat BYE
Sunday, May 21
Brewersat Padres
Red Soxat Yankees
White Soxat Twins
Piratesat Astros
Giantsat Braves
Athleticsat Indians
Cardinalsat Dodgers🌧️
Oriolesat BYE
Sunday, May 28
Cardinalsat Dodgers Makeup of May 21 game
Sunday, June 04
Brewersat Yankees
Oriolesat Cardinals
Bravesat Indians
Piratesat Red Sox
Dodgersat Athletics
Astrosat White Sox
Padresat Twins
Giantsat BYE
Sunday, June 11
Yankeesat Athletics
Oriolesat White Sox
Bravesat Brewers
Astrosat Indians
Giantsat Red Sox
Twinsat Cardinals
Padresat Dodgers
Piratesat BYE
Sunday, June 18
Brewersat Astros🌧️
Red Soxat Padres🌧️
Oriolesat Braves🌧️
Piratesat White Sox🌧️
Giantsat Dodgers🌧️
Twinsat Yankees🌧️
Athleticsat Cardinals🌧️
Indiansat BYE🌧️
Sunday, June 25
Brewersat Cardinals FIELD CHANGE
Bravesat Astros
Dodgersat Yankees
Giantsat Twins
Indiansat Pirates
Athleticsat Red Sox
Padresat Orioles
White Soxat BYE
Sunday, July 09
Red Soxat Dodgers
Yankeesat Giants
Bravesat White Sox
Piratesat Cardinals
Astrosat Orioles
Indiansat Twins
Athleticsat Padres
Brewersat BYE
Sunday, July 16
White Soxat Brewers🌧️
Yankeesat Pirates🌧️
Bravesat Dodgers🌧️
Twinsat Red Sox🌧️
Indiansat Orioles🌧️
Athleticsat Giants🌧️
Padresat Astros🌧️
Cardinalsat BYE
Sunday, July 23
Brewersat Giants
White Soxat Athletics
Oriolesat Pirates
Bravesat Yankees
Twinsat Dodgers
Indiansat Padres
Cardinalsat Astros
Red Soxat BYE
Sunday, July 30
Brewersat Athletics🌧️
White Soxat Cardinals
Yankeesat Orioles🌧️
Dodgersat Astros🌧️
Giantsat Pirates🌧️
Twinsat Braves🌧️
Indiansat Red Sox🌧️
Padresat BYE
Sunday, August 06
Red Soxat Braves
White Soxat Indians
Oriolesat Twins
Dodgersat Brewers
Giantsat Padres
Athleticsat Pirates
Cardinalsat Yankees
Astrosat BYE
Sunday, August 13
Brewersat Indians
Red Soxat Orioles
Piratesat Braves
Dodgersat White Sox
Astrosat Giants
Athleticsat Twins
Cardinalsat Padres
Yankeesat BYE
Sunday, August 20
White Soxat Giants Field change
Yankeesat Indians Cancelled
Oriolesat Brewers
Piratesat Dodgers
Astrosat Athletics Field change
Cardinalsat Red Sox
Padresat Braves
Twinsat BYE
Sunday, August 27
(Playoff Game)
Brewersat Twins
Red Soxat Athletics
White Soxat Braves
Oriolesat Giants
Piratesat Dodgers
Indiansat Astros
Padresat Cardinals
Yankeesat BYE
Sunday, September 10
(Playoff Game)
Brewersat Dodgers
Red Soxat Cardinals
White Soxat Giants
Oriolesat Braves
Piratesat Twins
Astrosat Yankees
Padresat Athletics
Indiansat BYE
Sunday, September 17
(Playoff Game)
Brewersat Pirates
Oriolesat White Sox
Bravesat Giants
Dodgersat Twins
Indiansat Yankees
Athleticsat Cardinals
Padresat Red Sox
Sunday, September 24
(Playoff Game)
White Soxat Giants
Piratesat Yankees
Dodgersat Twins
Athleticsat Cardinals
Sunday, October 01
(Playoff Game)
Dodgersat Yankees
Cardinalsat Giants
Sunday, October 08
(Playoff Game)
2nd Seed of Final Twoat 1st Seed of Final Two
Sunday, October 15
AL All Starsat NL All Stars
Denotes games using wooden bats only